– Photography Training for Creative Mums –

Longing to take better pictures of your family?


Do you have a ‘BIG’ camera that is sitting collecting dust on the shelf?


Would you LOVE to be able to get that blurry background (without having to spend a £1000 on the latest iPhone…)?


Are you a time poor parent desperate to feed your inner creative?


Answer ‘yes’ to some or all of these questions?


Then my photography training courses are for you!

Want to learn very quickly how to take beautiful pictures of your family? Then my Group sessions will be perfect for you to get a great grounding in the basics.

Or perhaps you might have had some photography training before and would like to brush up on the basics or want to explore photography further? Then check out my 121 sessions.

“Thank you so much Jo, its the first time ever I have been able to take a decent picture with my big camera!”