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5 of the best Bluebell Walks in Surrey

by Jo on March 13, 2018

Surrey Family and Child Photographer

The Ultimate Guide to Bluebell Walks in Surrey

A carpet of Bluebells in Little Wix Wood

Hi, I’m a Surrey Family and Child photographer. This blog provides an ultimate guide on some of the best places to see Bluebells in Surrey and when.

Hardly surprising that a lot of my family photography clients in Surrey are asking about Bluebell sessions at the moment with Spring on our doorstep!

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A framed image of brothers in a beautiful Bluebells

Best time to see Bluebells in Surrey

Bluebells grow, although not exclusively, in ancient woodlands under the shade of the tall trees. They grow very closely together and flower mid April time before the main canopy of the woodland gets to thick and completely stops the light coming through. When they flower does depend on the weather, so be ready to move quickly if they flower early.

Little girl in the bluebells_Jo Robbens Photography

Top five place to see Bluebells in Surrey

Banstead Wood –

Little Wix Wood (Hatchlands Park) –

Franks Wood (Leith Hill) –
Cucknells Wood –

Sheepleas –

Please please look after our Bluebells!


image of bluebells in little Wix Wood

Bluebells are delicate flowers and are protected in England. If you dig bulbs up you can get a hefty fine of £5,000!

When out enjoying the bluebells, please make sure that you stick to the pathways and however tempting it is… don’t put your little ones in the middle of a beautiful untouched patch to snap a quick photo. Instead, think about different angles and perspectives to achieve the same effect of them surrounded in Bluebells. Get down low or take a shot from above.

I’m very careful during my bluebell shoots,making sure I get beautiful imagery  and leave the bluebells intact for others to enjoy.

Further information:

The Woodland Trust –


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I’m not just a family photographer though. I’m unashamedly passionate. I’m thrilled that you’re here and honestly can’t wait to work with you to create something extra special.

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