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5 tips for gorgeous ‘Back to School’ pictures

by Jo on September 2, 2018

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Top tips for taking gorgeous back-to-school photos

Yes they are going back at school (Yippee…er no sorry will miss them terribly)… and there is likely to be the usual deluge of back-to-school images.

Although, these are my all time favourite “obligatory back-to-school” pictures posted on FB by the lovely Carrie Allen (I still laugh!!)…

Living the dream_obligatory back to school photosLiving the dream_obligatory back to school photos

You probably want to make sure you capture something special of their first day at school or returning to school.

Whether you pick up your new DSLR or your iPhone, make sure you capture gorgeous first day back images that you’ll be proud of.

Find the RIGHT light…

If you are indoors, turn off all the lights and have a quick look for the area of the room that has the most natural light. This is usually near a window or doorway. Then make sure you turn them towards this gorgeous light ensuring their faces are the brightest subject in the picture rather than the window behind them.

Back to School - Find the right light - Jo Robbens PhotographyBack to School - Find the right light - Jo Robbens Photography

Check your background


Tips for gorgeous back to school pictures

Ok so I’ve exaggerated this to make my point but, make sure they don’t have anything sticking out of their heads, or that the background is really distracting.

Change your viewpoint.

Try to find a different viewpoint. Get down to their level or why not try an overhead shot too. It’s a great and different way to take pictures of children.


Living the dream_obligatory back to school photosLiving the dream_obligatory back to school photos


Get siblings involved


back to school photos

Don’t forget to get siblings involved in those back to school shots!  Don’t rush this one though… at this point you might already struggle to get a decent picture of them on their own. Make sure you make it fun, don’t ask them to say cheese and possibly have a little bribery up your sleeve :).

Add some context of size

Time passes so quickly and we all forget how small they really were. Consider taking a shot in front of something that will remind you of actually how small they were. When they are all grown up and a few feet taller you’ll treasure these images!

How to take back to school photos





One final tip… try to do these shots a few days before! The morning of the first day back will more than likely be a bit stressful!

PS. Good luck getting back into the school routine!

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I’m not just a family photographer though. I’m unashamedly passionate. I’m thrilled that you’re here and honestly can’t wait to work with you to create something extra special.

Tips for gorgeous back to school pictures