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Making a house a home

by Jo on January 21, 2019

Surrey Family and Child Photographer

I’m a Family Photographer in Surrey and specialise in creating bespoke wall galleries for my clients’ homes.

Recently, I worked with a gorgeous family to fill a once blank wall in their home with a stunning gallery of their precious family memories.

In this blog, written by my client Sandra, you’ll read all about her experience from initial consultation to installation.

“So.…..I had an empty wall.”

“It had been empty for four years.  What should I hang? A picture? Some wall art?  Lacking in creativity but filled with hope I turned to Jo Robbens.  Her offer of an autumn family shoot sounded like a good idea. I hadn’t thought about what it might end up looking like but loved the idea of some photos of my kids in the park on the wall.  Good, right?

“Jo came to meet my two kids, Adam and Emily, the night before the walk in the park.  I warned her that they might take a little bit of ‘warming up’ but within five minutes they were showing her their favourite toys and looking forward to going to the park the next day.”

“We met at the park and went for a walk.  Jo had thought of everything.  Her bags and pockets were filled with snacks, toys, blankets and bubbles to make sure that the kids had the best time ‘not posing to the camera’.  Emily would happily pose, but Adam?  No way!  So we played, we had the best time and Jo was quietly, discreetly snapping pics along the way.  We had a lovely morning and I was looking forward to seeing any good photos that I could possibly hang in the space.”

Surrey Family and Child Photographer - Wall art
Surrey Family and Child Photographer - Wall art

“Jo came over one night to show me the pictures.  I put the kettle on, she loaded her computer and let me watch the slide show.  I cried my eyes out.  She had captured my small but perfectly formed little family just as we are.  Our personalities and love was beaming from her computer screen.  The beautiful relationship between my kids was captured in a moment by a lake with a handful of leaves.  I cried some more!”

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Family Photographer - wall art
Surrey Family Photographer - Jo Robbens Photography
Surrey Family Photographer - wall art

“Jo came over to hang my wall gallery yesterday.  With a million boxes and command strips, spirit level, ruler, tape measure and plenty of caffeine on tap………she got started.  3.5hrs later, with every angle checked and millimetre measured she finally finished.  She took care, she made it perfect.”

Surrey Family Photographer - Wall Art

“I woke up this morning and opened the curtains and saw the love within my beautiful little family hanging in the previously empty space.  What could be more perfect.”

Making a house a home

“Jo, you are a creative genius with a touch of OCD – making you amazingly brilliant!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you xx” – Sandra Porter


If you’d love to have a stunning wall gallery for your home, book one of my free no obligation consultation calls today so we can begin to create something extra special that you’ll enjoy every day and treasure forever!

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I’m not just a family photographer though. I’m unashamedly passionate. I’m thrilled that you’re here and honestly can’t wait to work with you to create something extra special.

Making a house a home