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The Tooth Fairy pays a visit

by Jo on July 3, 2018

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Ever put off booking a family photo session because your child has just got over chicken pox and still has a few remnants of the gorgeous scabs? Or one of your brood is always in the wars and has a scrape somewhere on their face?

Well, I wanted to share a story from one of my recent shoots that I hope will encourage you to book that session that you’ve been longing for, before you miss those precious childhood years.

“Trust me” I said.

We’d had the shoot booked in for a while and we were all very excited. A few days before the shoot, I emailed to confirm the time and place and I received a rather concerned email back along with a photo attached. Little one had lost her front tooth. Mum was understandably concerned and asked if I would be able to fix it. Now, editing software is pretty incredible these days and if you know how, you can ‘fix’ a lot but, it got me thinking.

Jo Robbens Family Photography Esher Commons

For me, family photography is all about capturing moments that show real personality and connections. Don’t get me wrong, those images need to be aesthetically beautiful, but they should be a true reflection of a moment in time, a moment that can be remembered and cherish.

I called mum straight away to allay her fears.

“Trust me” I said. “Loosing a tooth is part of growing up and a time that will fly by so quickly”.

Esher Outdoor Family Photographer

“During the shoot we’ll capture everything about her not just her face, her personality too. Yes we’ll get some beautiful portraits but we’ll also capture her personality and the special connections you all have.”

Grandad and Grand daughter enjoying time together

“You’ll love the images as a reminder that she was a little girl without a care in the world, who loved to run, play fairies and hunt for the Gruffalo. You’ll not worry that there is a tooth missing, only that your little girl, was carefree, happy and loved.”

Don’t let a visit from the tooth fairy, or any other reason, stop you from capturing precious moments that slip by all too quickly. They are young for only a relatively short time.

I’m so pleased she trusted me. They now have some very special images that I know they’ll treasure forever.

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I’m not just a family photographer though. I’m unashamedly passionate. I’m thrilled that you’re here and honestly can’t wait to work with you to create something extra special.

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