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Why I became a photographer

by Jo on July 12, 2017

When I think about why I became a photographer there are a number of reasons but one in particular.

My passion for photography has been alive for a good twenty years now and I’ve always loved the ability to freeze moments in time in order to look back and remember every detail as if it were yesterday. I have always printed images and have shelves stacked with photo albums and walls and sideboards full of pictures! So being able to help people capture and remember their memories has always been close to my heart.

I love to learn new things. Being a professional photographer you get immersed in a wonderful world of incredible talent, creativity and new ideas. There are always new techniques to learn and an endless source of creative inspiration from lighting to new products.

But… the biggest reason I became a photographer, is the opportunity to share special moments with people. Being a photographer means that I’m invited into client’s homes, places of work or special days and given an insight into their lives.

I love meeting children before a shoot, gaining their trust and igniting their imagination ensuring that I can capture their real emotion in their family imagery.

I love listening to Mums’ concerns and being able to reassure her… ‘what if my kids misbehave?’, ‘I don’t like myself in picture’s, do I have to go in front of the camera?’.

I love hearing about a brides dreams for her wedding and being there on the day to offer a friendly smile or a helping hand to ensuring that her day is as magical as possible.

I love working with inspiring entrepreneurs! The women who spin so many different plates and have the drive and commitment to start their own businesses. I love working with them to understand who they are as business people, their visions and their challenges.

I love that my client’s trust me.

Whether it’s working with a family that want to capture images of their little one’s, a couple that want to remember the romance or an inspiring entrepreneur. The reason I became a photographer was to help people and ensure that the images I create for them are a true reflection of them in that moment.


I’m not just a family photographer though. I’m unashamedly passionate. I’m thrilled that you’re here and honestly can’t wait to work with you to create something extra special.

Why I became a photographer - Jo Robbens Photography