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Ten questions to ask your London Newborn Photographer before you book

by Jo on December 8, 2023

Exciting times ahead with the arrival of your new addition.  

There’s so much to think about; which pram should I get? Which is the best changing table for you?  There is lots of baby gear out there and if you want the very best advice on making sure you get the very best kit that will suit you and your lifestyle, make sure you check out Anita’s List.  

Getting the right baby kit is important but… they grow so quickly and will be out of the newborn phase in the blink of an eye. 

Make sure you take time to budget and plan for capturing the first precious moments so that you can treasure the memories long after they have grown out of the first babygrows or Moses basket.

If you are here, it’s very likely you are already planning to capture those first moments, and are now looking for the right newborn photographer in London.  But which one is going to be right for you? 

There are lots of different Newborn photographers in London, so you are spoilt for choice. 

I’m sure how much it costs is likely to be high up the agenda and everyone’s budget differs but it is important to understand what you get for your budget.  

To help you I’ve provided some questions, that you can ask potential London newborn photographers before you book, that will help make sure you find the very best photographer for you. 

  1. Who will be taking our photographs?

Make sure you have spoken to or even better met your actual photographer. 

Sometimes, if you book a photoshoot with a larger company you might not actually meet your photographer until the day of the shoot. 

Having a newborn photography session can be nerve-racking for new parents. You’ll have lots of brand-new things you are juggling and generally trying to navigate all the new experiences you are going through. 

It’s really important to me that my families have had the opportunity to connect with me before their sessions. So I always meet with my families before their shoots. It’s an opportunity for them to ask any questions they might have, connect and make sure we are the perfect fit. 

2. Do you have a studio, or will you come to our home?

Deciding where you want to have your newborn photoshoot will be key.

Having your newborn photoshoot where you all feel really comfortable will definitely be a consideration.

If you are brand new parents there will already be lots of things you will be learning. Make sure you have a think about logistics and getting to and from the session.

If you decide to have a studio session, I’d suggest popping into the studio before baby arrives so you get a feel for where you’ll be going and what’s it’s like.

If you’d prefer to have your session at home, there are lots of benefits. For starters you’ll have everything on hand (no need for packing up everything and the kitchen sink!) and you’ll all be in familiar and safe surroundings.

You also won’t have to negotiate taxi cabs or public transport.

Another benefit of having your London newborn photography session at home is that you can tell more of your story.

You can capture your surroundings so that in the future when you look back at your images the memories of those first moments come flooding back.

All my newborn photoshoot are at home.

For my it’s all about the story.

Your story.

Your journey.

Everything that’s brought you to this precious moment.

I love to capture the moment that you gaze in awe at this amazing being you’ve created.

Capturing these moments for my families to treasure forever is everything.

3. What is your signature style? Posed? Lifestyle newborn photography?

London newborn photographers will each have their own unique style. 

Start thinking about what you’d love from your memories.  Posed images with little one all wrapped up with lots of props or beautiful natural imagery that enables you to remember exactly how tiny little one was and how you were all feeling. 

4. When do you advise we have our newborn shoot? 

This will vary from photographer to photographer. 

Posed newborn photography where wraps and props are used, needs to be captured in the first couple of weeks. 

The more natural, lifestyle photography, for example London newborn at home sessions, can be done any time all the way up to around 8 weeks. 

In fact, a lot of families I work with opt for waiting until around 8 weeks as baby is more awake and starting to focus more, allowing you to get a mixture of both sleepy and more awake images. 

London Newborn Photography_Jo Robbens Photography

Check out my blog about when’s the best time to have a newborn photoshoot.

5. Could you share some recent examples of your London newborn photography? 

Sometimes imagery on a photographer’s site isn’t their most recent work. That can be a good or bad thing… Good because they are very busy working with wonderful families or bad because they might not be busy but have only put a selection of their very best work up…

This will give you a feel for a full session rather than just a few selected images.

If you’d like to see some recent examples of my work check out my Instagram or even better get in touch and I’ll send some example galleries. 

Jo Robbens Photography get in touch

6. How long will you spend with us?

Having a newborn photoshoot can take anywhere between 2-4 hours. 

Newborns work on their own schedules when they first arrive so it’s important that you don’t feel rushed.  There will be feeds and nappy changes as well as little one sensing a new person and energy; also a new environment if you choose to have a shoot outside of the home. 

7. Do you edit and retouch our images?  

Newborn skin can be dry and in the first 2-4 weeks baby can get a temporary skin condition called baby acne. 

Make sure you ask if your photographer will edit and retouch your images and if it is included in the cost.

8. How many images will we get to see?  This will help you get a sense of the service you will be receiving and the process.  Bear in mind on this one, less is more sometimes.  Perhaps consider purchasing a few images but have them professionally printed and framed; they will then become heirlooms to hand down generation after generation.  

Newborn photography_Surrey

9. Do you have a session/sitting fee or does your fee cover everything? 

When exploring how much a newborn photographer in London costs, ensure you fully understand the costs involved.

Ask to see the full price list before you book. Everyone’s budget is different and the level of service, expertise and quality a photographer offers varies hugely and therefore so does the price. 

London Newborn photoshoot

10. How far in advance should we book?  

If you are looking for a weekend newborn photoshoot, it’s definitely worth getting a session date in a couple of months in advance. 

Great photographers get booked up quickly.  It is also worth asking what happens if baby arrives a little early or late and how they can accommodate you.

I hope this is really helpful. 

I’d love to help you capture this extra special time.  To find out more about my London newborn photography experiences click here

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